Victor Cassar is Australia's best Professional Engineer Magnetic Systems Creator and Designer

Through his diverse experience and dedication to the magnet industry Victor has become Australia's most respected magnet industry specialist.

His credibility and effectiveness has enabled him to develop innovative solutions for industry, educational and research institutions.

Victor has in the past been:

  • Maintenance Engineer for Shell refinery in Sydney
  • Control Systems Engineer for Honeywell Control
  • Contracts Engineer for Brown Boveri
  • Sales Manager for Mobil Oil
  • Teacher of Electrical Engineering at TAFE
  • Director of various companies

Significant projects include the Ford Foundry in Geelong and Coal handling and washing facilities.

Victor founded the NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet industry in Australia in 1988 when he wrote a business plan assisted by the Huntertech.

The business strategy required negotiating a manufacturing Licence Agreement with General Motors division Magnaquench. This was the 11th Licence to be granted worldwide. Business partners Sandvic, Huntertech Ventures, Novena Marketing, CSIRO and Muswellbrook Energy and Minerals, a Consolidated Press company, were brought into the venture creating a company now known as International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd.

Now in the magnet business, Victor began introducing the technology into a variety of companies. Filmlab with new Photo Film processing technology, Turbo research with air-conditioning systems floating on magnetic fields, automatic magnetic pool gate closers, a motorised refrigerated Esky, modified processing equipment for BHP, Tubemakers, Tomago Aluminium, Comalco and others.

He also developed a range of clamping and lifting systems, new electrical switchgear for Nu-Lec and specialised robot handling systems.

Corporate clients included BHP, CSIRO, several Universities, ANSTO, Tomago Aluminium, Comalco Aluminium, BHP research labs, One Steel, a large number of mining companies and various other clients in Australia and overseas including Motorola.

Victor is widely known for his ability to solve technical problems. He has the uncanny ability to see solutions from a completely different perspective and offer solutions that often address the problem in unique and unexpected ways.

As an inventor, Victor has been involved in the development of many inventions. A few that he has total ownership in are the Stayput Ferrule base. Primarily for the concrete industry, the Stayput's unique design allows applications in various industries and the amazingly versatile Handymagnet.

Handymagnet is a patented strip of very strong Rare Earth magnets, each of which can hold a load of up to one kilo. It is encased in hardwearing plastic and can be used on metal surfaces or wrapped around non-magnetic objects to hang and hold things fast in the office, at the workplace, around the home and in industry.

Born with magnetic systems in his blood, Victor designed and built his first rotating magnetic coupling and gearbox when he was just 14. His final thesis for his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (1975) was mathematical modelling of a simple magnetic field.

Victor developed the most sophisticated magnetic graphing website in the magnet industry worldwide. It has been licensed to other magnet companies and is used by industry, Universities and Defence Departments around the world.