International Magnetic Solutions - Victor Cassar's diverse business selling magnetic products in Australia and throughout the World

Solving challenges worldwide through the creative application of magnet technology.

International Magnetic Solutions Pty. Ltd. (IMS) is a global company that primarily designs, manufactures and develops complete magnetic solutions and products within the Education, Industrial and Commercial disciplines. We also manufacture and sell other magnet accessories and have a strong Global presence within what has become a huge import / export market.

We manufacture and supply a very diverse range of permanent Magnets.

There are many shapes, sizes and types of magnet products, some of which are:-

  • Magnets made of an alloy of Neodymium Iron and Boron.
  • Flexible Magnetic Products.
  • Magnetic Mining Products and Equipment.
  • Bonded rare earth magnets.
  • SmCo Magnets
  • AlNiCo Magnets.
  • Soft Ferrite Products
  • Bonded Ferrite Products.
  • Magnetic Systems
  • Lifting Magnets
  • Concrete Industry Systems
  • Magnetic Coupling Assemblies
  • Ceramic Magnets

International Magnetic Solutions Pty. Ltd. (IMS) has started a rapid expansion of a significant number of its business centres to allow for the commercialising of a range of new products. We have identified that the best way to do this is to form joint ventures or other business relationships with first class business development and management champions.

Over the last 15 years we have designed and thought of a vast range of creative products. The plan is to set up a group of dynamic, innovative new companies grouped under the IMS banner. The new companies have been selected because they define the 9 business areas we have developed over our growing years and are defined by the following:

  • IMS Magnet Trading.
  • IMS Magnetic Solutions.
  • IMS Magnetic Mining and Handling.
  • IMS Magnetic Water Treatment.
  • IMS Magnetic Concreting Systems.
  • IMS Magnetic and Industrial Products.
  • IMS Magnetic Influence Health and Jewelry.
  • IMS Magnetic Creations.
  • IMS Magnet Commercialization.

Business units / activities - more details

The following is a brief description of the business activity of each business unit so you can evaluate which best suits your needs.

IMS Magnet Trading
Sintered NdFeB magnets produced by powder metallurgical process have the highest energy product to date The buying and selling of standard magnets. These include bonded and sintered magnets of alloys such as NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ceramic Ferrite as well as flexible materials. Take a general look at this current site
IMS Magnetic Solutions
On-line calculator to evaluate magnetic flux densities The application of magnetic systems and designs to the solving of industrial problems and special innovative product design. Includes a design consultancy service. For an idea of where we are coming from look at
IMS Magnetic Mining and Handling
Mining industry magnetic equipment Focusing on the mineral processing industry this division deals in the selling of new magnetic equipment for processing and beneficiation plants. Current main interest is in coal and sand but this will expand. A significant maintenance and proprietary testing section exists within this division. For examples look at
IMS Magnetic Water Treatment
Magnetically treated water can cause decalcification of pipes wetting of water improved plant and seed growth reduced bacteria and algae levels We developed magnetic water treatment systems some 12 years ago. The success of these in application has prompted us to reclaim the development of this industry. There are many other applications which could benefit from our designs. This will mainly be a retail wholesale business servicing agriculture and industry. For an example of some of our existing designs look at
IMS Magnetic Concreting Systems
Strong magnets used to hold steel ferrules and formwork in place while pouring concrete for the Precast Concrete industry The precast concrete industry was the first introduction for us in the need to develop a range of magnetic tools for this industry. We now have a range of STAYPUT products which are great for concreting. Much more work in product development is needed but our current products work well and we already hold a significant patent. For an example look at
IMS Magnetic and Industrial Products
International Magnetic Solutions's high-energy light-weight magnetic lifters are adaptable to almost any application We have a range of industrial products suited to the handling of steel. This company will trade in standard products as well as deal in our exclusively designed products. This division will continue to develop and have products manufactured world wide. For an example look at
IMS Magnetic Influence Health and Jewelry
Health and therapy magnets International Magnetic Solutions has designed and supplied magnets for the therapy industry for 13 years. We have recently decided to capitalize on the knowledge through our Magnetic Influence division. This section trades in a wide range of therapy products and jewelry as well as selling our proprietary range of products. For an example look at
IMS Magnetic Creations
Levitation of a novelty magnetic top - gyroscopic forces keep it stable as it floats in a magnetic well There are many concepts and products suited to the novelty, toy and personal markets, and many novel product themes still to develop. This division will be the creator of art, excitement and the unexpected! This is the type of thing but just let your mind wander
IMS Magnet Commercialization
Put your name or promotion onto handymagnet to keep your name in view and on mind Over the years we have developed many new products and have a few patents under our belts, This division will help us maintain the lead by continually developing market driven products often in joint venture with specialist companies. We are magnet specialists so when we combine with companies that are innovative in their individual industries we can develop earth-shattering products! Our latest patent is for a universal revolution we call Handymagnet. The focus of this division is not the glory of innovation, but the volume of sales. For an example look at